We specialize in cuisine made with fresh mountain plants, wild-caught Japanese sweetfish, and wild-picked matsutake mushrooms.

Seasonal Dishes


Seasons and Seasonal ingredients We have seasonal “Omakase Courses(Chef’s Choicej”oniy.[Reservation only]

Origin, Fusion, and Revival

About 600 years ago, Tosen, a Buddhist monk practicing ascetics in Nara in west Japan, heard a rumor that there was a mountain village called Tengoku (meaning “Heaven”) in the east. So he traveled eastward to find it. In fact, the village Tengoku, the source of many old legends, was situated at the site where our restaurant stands now.
Restaurant Exterior

In 1451, Tosen arrived here and built a hermitage named “Ikkeian*”. It is said that because of this, eastern and western food culture met and mixed here, boosted by Tengoku’s local natural ingredients. we have set the goal of our restaurant to be the development of the revival of the fusion of eastern and western culinary culture into a new local cuisine named “IKKEIAN”.

Our chef carefully selects top quality natural ingredients from all areas of Japan, prepares and cooks them with style following ancient recipes. We are also aware that some people have dietary restrictions for religious reasons, and would like to respond to

their requests as much as possible. The cuisine named “IKKEIAN” enhances your dining experience by stimulating all senses. Guests will enjoy personally grilling ingredients over a charcoal fire by the side of an irori fireplace (Japanese traditional open hearth). “IKKEIAN”collectively refers to characteristics of a new type of regional cuisine wherein the owner of Amakunichaya has carefully selected rare natural ingredients of high quality from across Japan.

※According: to Aizu Dictionary

Chef’s Choices, Spring

Course meals including wild-picked fresh mountain plants and specially selected beef of Japanese black cattle. spring image Price: JPY13,000 +tax/person(two person or more)
In a luxurious private dining room

Chef’s Choices, Summer

Course meals including wild-caught Japanese sweetfish and specially selected beef of Japanese black cattle. summer image Price: JPY13,000 + tax/person (two persons or more)
In a luxurious private dining room

Chef’s Choices, Autumn

Course meals including locally-sourced matsutake mushrooms and specially selected beef of Japanese black cattle.
Diners can enjoy locally-picked matsutake mushrooms to the fullest that are the finest ingredients in Japan, whereas only a small number of Japanese people can afford to them. autumn image Price: From JPY40,000 to 70,000 + (two persons or more)
”Shureitousen” Course(Only September)
From JPY80,000+tax/person(two person or more)
Extremely Precious ”Tuga Matutake mashuroom”
From Mt. Iwate Iwate Prefecture
In a luxurious private dining room
I’m sorry, but we accept only cash, no credit card.

Due to the nuclear disaster that occurred in March 2011, restrictions have been placed on serving naturally-sourced ingredients such as mountain plants, freshwater fish and mushrooms grown in Fukushima Prefecture. Given these circumstances, all of the ingredients sourced from Fukushima we use have been confirmed to be safe.

Please feel free to inquire. TEL 0242-56-3944

Comments from our guests We asked for comments from diners at our restaurant.
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